"Finally an underwire bra that does not irritate, with the perfect fit and the right support. You can't see it under my clothes & I can even wear the bra while sleeping. 10/10" - Lisa D., USA

The noya underwire bra

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Enjoy comfort and support with the outside underwire design, featuring a solid fabric layer facing you that keeps the wire away from your skin to minimize irritation.

  • comfortable all day long
  • no uniboob design
  • seamless under clothing
Color: Black


Cup size: C

Cup size

Band size: 34

Band size

The most comfortable underwire design

Are you tired of your bra at the end of the day? Then you probably have the wrong bra. Wearing a bra should not cause discomfort, but should feel comfortable. 

The Noya bra has an outside underwire design, with a solid fabric layer so that the underwire does not poke or pinch. This ensures that the bra remains comfortable all day long, and you even forget you are wearing it.

Seamless & sleek look

The Noya bra is specially designed to give your back a smooth and seamless look, allowing you to move confidently and comfortably. With the perfect fit and soft, breathable fabric, this bra provides ultimate support without visible lines, allowing you to wear any outfit effortlessly.

• Perfect under tops (in the summer).

Feels like a second skin

As women, we have all experienced it. An uncomfortable bra can really disrupt our day. Fortunately, that doesn't have to be the case.

The Noya bra is made to support you in all places, which ensures that the bra fits your body correctly. That's why the bra looks and feels like a second skin.

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